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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by msp, Jun 11, 2017.

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    I'm sure this is just something to do with my settings in ISPConfig, can you help?
    I have just rebuilt my ISPConfig server from scratch (wiped the OS image and started over).
    I've created a new website in ISPConfig but the CMS I am using doesn't work properly. It is not able to create files within the web directory.
    • The CMS provides me with a "test" file which checks whether it's writeable or not
    • The file has permissions 644 and the correct web1 and client0 owner
    • When I select SuExec and Mod-PHP in ISPConfig, this file is not writeable
    • When I select SuExec and PHP-FPM in ISPConfig, the file IS writeable, however when I try to log in to my CMS, it just doesn't work (no error, the login button does nothing)
    The CMS is called Sytist, here are the basic requirements:
    Many thanks
  2. till

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    Suexec will not work for mod_php, that's why mod_php should not be used anymore. Switch to php mode php-fpm or php-fcgi.

    The reason can be that you used mod_php before, switching php mode can cause issues with sessions in CMS systems. Check the tmp directory of that website and delete all files inside. If the cms still does not work, check the error.log of the website.

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