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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by QPRWinst, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I followed the guide for the perfect ununtu server with ISPconfig3, and everything is good, except that im a bit confussed about he file server functionality.

    I couldnt see anything in the guide that enabled this so I followed the instructions for a stand alone server and installed samba. Ive setup user accounts and edited the smb.conf file to take account of the windows workgroup and completed all the other instructions but I still acnnot access the share from a windows pc (tried with 7 and xp).

    So I thought id try with a linux machine and installed ubuntu desktop (on a VrtualBox virtual PC on a windows 7 pc) but I couldnt access with that either?

    On the xp pc i turned off the local firewall completley so its not that, and I have added what I believe are the correct ports to the firewall config in ISPConfig3. On the windows machine I can see the server but it will not allow me any kind of access. According to the instructions a logon window should ask for a username and password but i dont even get that. I have setup the user on the server with exactly the same name and password that is used on the windows box (dont know if that even matters?).

    Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? or point me in the direction of a guide to help me out? Im sure its probably something simple because all the guides for sharing are very simple and easy to follow but i cant figure it out.

    Thanks in adavance
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    ISPConfig 3 is a hosting control panel to manage Email, DNS and webservers. It is not a controlpanel for Samba servers as samba is normally not used by ISP's.

    The most Common method to upload and download files on a ISP server is FTP which is supported by ISPConfig. In the latest ISPConfig 3.0.3 RC1 ther has benn webdav support added too in ispconfig.
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    Hi does that mean you would not advise using the server as a fileserver? or are you suggesting that because ISPConfig is installed I cannot use it for a fileserver?

  4. till

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    You can use this server as a fileserver with samba because samba does not conflict with ispconfig. But you can not use ispconfig to manage samba shares or add samba users on that server. The users that shall be able to connect to the server with samba have to be added manually as described in the samba guide. If you enabled the firewall in ispconfig, you will have to add (open) the samba ports: 136,137,138,139,445
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    many thanks. I dont think I had all those ports on the list so ill try again.

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