Files uploaded by ftp user vanish?

Discussion in 'General' started by mtnsnyder, Sep 6, 2008.

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    When a ftp user logs in, goes to his /web/ folder and creates a directory like /web/test/ for example, it appears to work just fine, but only via ftp.

    If I (as root) examine /var/www/web1/web/ the created /test/ folder is nowhere to be found?

    Logging in as a ftp user once again, I see the folder still there. The same applies to files uploaded into this folder. If I place an index.html file in there (via ftp) and try to go to that url in the browser, I get 404 error.

    Why is this happening? Where do the files uploaded via ftp go, and why aren't index.html files working outside of the users web root?
  2. till

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    This behaviour is normal, a webserver or the ftp user can not acess file sor folders created by root of course.

    After you create a file as root, you will hae to change th owner (user and group) of the file:

    chown ftpuser:web1 test

    Also make sure, that you enabled the administratorr checkbox of the user that you use to upload the ftp files.
  3. mtnsnyder

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