Firewall won't open or close ports

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Scarecrow, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Scarecrow

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    Hi All,

    Falko & Till - you guys really have done a great job with this!!!:D

    Now.... a slight problem - when I open or close ports in the Tools section of ISPConfig, it doesnt seem to have any effect on the actual firewall (I found this out by doing a portscan)

    In the Firewall section I have Port 5060 open (for a VOIP system) however when i do a portscan it says it's closed. I've also tried to turn off port 873 (Rsync) but when I do the scan it says that one is open... I can't seem to win! :(

    If someone could help me out here that would be great... Oh, and I'm new to linux (Debian) so you might have to be a bit specific... sorry!

    Thanks Again guys!!!!
  2. falko

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    If you do the portscan on localhost, then the firewall has no effect. It is working for outside connections only.

    And, if you have opened port 5060 in the firewall, but there is no application running on that port, then your portscanner will say that this port is closed (because that port isn't in use).

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