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Discussion in 'General' started by jon335, Oct 7, 2005.

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    I have ISPConfig installed as per the Ubuntu Perfect Setup. I have one client and a site under that client with shell and FTP access, not to mention everything else just about (no anon. FTP). I logged in as the client and set up one email user. Now I have a couple questions :confused: :

    1. I can login from Web-FTP and a FTP client as admin, but I only see the root folder (/), Why??

    2. I cannot login from Web-FTP or an ftp client as the customer (i.e. to upload files). I assume that I am supposed to use the user/pass that I set up for that client.

    3. I cannot login via SSH as the Customer either.

    4. I cannot login as the customer in the webmail, although I have not tried pop3/smtp. I am using the email address/pass that I set up for that customer.

    Any answers would be appreciated. :confused:
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    Please check that you did not mix up customers and users. A customer can login to ISPConfig and manage his sites (and create system users on the tab "User & Email") but he cannot login to the system (e.g. by using FTP, email) because he is not a system user. A customer is an object that exists only in ISPConfig, but not on the system.

    A system user cannot login to ISPConfig, but he can use services such as email, ftp, etc.
  3. jon335

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    So then how would I upload files for www.example.com, (i.e. how should I set up the user?)
  4. jon335

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    I think I figured it out now, never mind my previous post.

    Thanks for all your help. ISPConfig is pretty cool once you get it figured out.
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