FTP & HTTP output diffirent?

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    Hey hey,

    I've been looking through this forum for an answer, but even after applying a few tips I still didn't get my answers :/
    I hope you guys are willing to help me out here.

    The server I'm running is Debian Sarge (3.1)
    Running Apache2 PHP4 MySQL postfix pop3

    The setup I used was exactly the one you can find here: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_debian_sarge
    (the perfect Setup - Debian Sarge)
    I realy used the setup completely without any changes.

    After that I installed latest stable ISPConfig
    I used the installation as provided online at http://ispconfig.org/manual_installation.htm

    I made sure I changed the Web-root tp /var/www during the 'expert setup' of ISPConfig (as adviced by the 'Perfect Setup')

    Everything is running smoothly and fine. No errors in any logfiles so I went on:

    Then I went through the manual of ISPConfig step by step.

    I created a reseller, a customer and a site & a few emailadresses

    The site is: www.rijwielenlode.be

    Logging in the emailaccounts is no problem and works fine
    Logging into FTP works fine as well

    So When I do log into FTP I end up in a folder containing 6 subfolders and one of them is 'web' which is supposed to hold all the 'site-files'
    Now, no matter what I place in there, it doesn't show up when I enter the url www.rijwielenlode.be

    When I looked into that 'web'folder when I logged on to FTP at first, it contained my customized index-file which I configured in ISPconfig.
    So from the FTP-side it all looked ok. I just replaced my 'index.html' with a new one and added another testfile called 'testfile.html' to the web-folder.

    If I understood well, I should be able to surf to www.rijwielenlode.be and see the content of my overwritten index.html, right?
    Well,. all I see when I surf to www.rijwielenlode.be is still the default index...
    I should also be able to surf to www.rijwielenode.be/testfile.html since I placed tha tfile in the web-folder.
    But when I surf to that file, all I get is a 'page cannot be found'

    So for some reason what I see using http is not the same as what I see when I use FTP.

    Any of you guys have any idea?
    Why do I get to see the 'shared IP address'-page instead of the index-page I put on there?

    Oh, just so you know: surfing to and loggin into www.rijwielenlode.be:81 does work with all accounts I created (customer,mail,etc)
    And this is the second site I created. The first site www.okhuysen.be (which was added the same way) is working fine.

    All help is much appreciated...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Discart the previous message ...
    I found the issue: I was uploading in a 'user' account and not in the admin account.

    Thanks anyway.



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