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    i always got a pure-ftpd server running with a tut from here
    Virtual Hosting With PureFTPd And MySQL (Incl. Quota And Bandwidth Management)

    But now i got 2 questions

    one is what is the best ftp server in speed en sequrity

    if it is pure-ftpd then i've got a problem. because in my server i have installed the latest postfix that uses libmysqlclient15off. and my pure-ftpd-mysql install requeres libmysqlclient15 and they can't be installed both

    so then i tought then i compiled from source but thats verry dificult. so does some one have a solution to solve the package problem or know how to compile pure-ftpd with mysql support.(a tut) because i have installed pure-ftpd from source already with mysql support but i can't get it to work


    After a lot of strungling and a headach. have i made my pure-ftpd work with a puredb file. no doubt that it is faster.
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