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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by muekno, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. muekno

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    Did a single server install based on on openSuse 42.1. Some programs are just installed, some others do not need the download path as they are found by zypper directly.
    Quotas seem to defined different than in the above mentioned manual, I have still to go deeper in it.
    Apache https.conf is still on Apache 2.4 syntax, while squirellmail ist not, I had to change nearly the whole .conf.
    On a quick test:
    DNS works, not tested secondary DNS server yet
    Sites I create a new site, the default page comes up, so looks well too an first view
    Email I could create a domain and mailbox and login via Squirrelmail to that mailbox, further sending receiving I could not test with the actual enviorement
    FTP not tested too
    So on the first view ist does not look bad.
    In case of time I try to write a short information about the differences and do further testing.

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  2. macguru

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    Hi, folks,
    Any news / updates with ISPConfig 3 and OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 (or may be even Tumbleweed)?
    I have very old install, its need to be updated, and its a production server...

    Thanks in advance !
  3. muekno

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    Give up on 42.1, too many updates. Changeing to Debian now. ISPConfig is developed on Debian, quicker updates than even on SuSe 13.2. More tutorial, more support on forums. Change from more than 15 years on SuSe was more easy than I expected. Have now 3rd Server on Debin jessie, works fine. I am very Happy with this decision.

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