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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to pick your brains on a problem I'm having with Gallery2.
    I'm using ISPconfig 2.2.8 and CentOS 4.4
    I know you guys don't do gallery support, but there is such a wealth of knowledge here and we are all using very similar environments I thought it be worth a try.
    I'm using the gallery2 codebase howto and have completed the installation. But since Its only for myself I don't need a multiuser site I have installed gallery2 in
    The installation went without any problems and gallery is up and running.
    However I have some issues and wondered if anyone has encountered these before.
    GD, ImageMagick, NetPBM installed and all the modules are configured/enabled apart from ffmpeg. (all tests pass ok)
    I uploaded an image successfully but it has no preview :( i can view it only in full resolution (3072x2304).
    If I select Build all thumbnails from the maintenance menu (site Admin) nothing seams to happen.
    If I select delete photo, the page just goes blank.

    Has anyone seen similar issues before, any suggestions to where to begin fault finding?

  2. fraginhell

    fraginhell New Member

    Just incase any one else has this problem I Figured it out. It was GD. I disabled it and then re-ran the maintenance with ImageMagick and all is work.

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