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  1. Hi, I don't know if this falls into this forum. I'm trying to get mail from gmail to roundcube (a new IMAP mail account on my server). I know you can do this with fetchmail but fetchmail gets you only recieved mail and no folders.
    I know that gmail has no folders but labels. So I'm trying to get them via outlook.
    When one adds gmail account to outlook it creates folder for gmail labels but you get copies of mail that had more than one label.
    So I added the gmail account to outlook, moved the "label" folders into my inbox and moved the drafts and sent to propper folders. After that I exported it as .pst, created the new IMAP mail account to outlook and imported the .pst file. But when synced with server it does not create the folders that are under inbox.

    Has some one got any idea on how to do this?
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    Search for the tools "imapsync" and "imapcopy", they are linux commandline tools to move emails incl. folders from one imap server to another one, so you should be able to copy your gmail folder to your ispconfig imap account with it.

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