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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by System_Owner, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. System_Owner

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    Im running the latest version of ISPConfig ( Ubuntu 14.04.

    A couple of weeks ago i had to install gnupg, gnupg2, and gnsme on the server due to a site needing their users to submit PGP keys on the website. The website worked just fine, even after blowing it away and redoing it with the same version it worked fine.

    Now the developer has upgraded the software and now it wont allow users to upload pgp keys and so to me, its obvious that gnupg isnt working, although the server when running a phpinfo() says its running.

    I installed the same updated site on a test machine, non-ISPConfig, and it works fine.

    I have removed gnupg and reinstalled it and such to no avail. Any suggestions on how to make it work again?

  2. till

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    ISPConfig is neither using nor interacting with gnupg at all, so the use of ispconfig should not make a difference here. You should check the confihuration of gnupg and php to find the reason for the problem.
  3. System_Owner

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    But the gnugp and php settings didnt change, the domain itself was removed (as it was a test domain) and then recreated (the deletion and recreation was done within the ISPConfig console). The install files were placed back in the /var/www/....../web folder, the installer was ran (as it creates and populates the database) and a couple of config files, and everything was installed correctly without errors.

    I would think since gnupg and php didnt change, since they are at the server level and not at the level, that things would run fine again. I remember in the original file it had to be modified with AllowOverride ALL, which I have added back into the new .vhost file.

    So Im at a loss as to why deleting a domain and recreating the domain would screw things up for the gnupg. Im trying to find a way of not having to rebuild the server because i have tried everything to get the site working, as the site and the rest of the hosting with ISPConfig was supposed to go live next week and I really dont want to have to rebuild the setup as everything else has been running smooth.

  4. till

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    There must be a php error somewhere, check the error,log of the website. Or on of your scripts use a fixed path inside and due to the recreation of the website, the path changed and has to be adjusted in your script.
  5. System_Owner

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    Unfortunately I have already done that (looked at the php logs) and do not see anything in the logs would point me in any direction. They are all normal errors that are coming up because of the user account not having a pgp key in the user´s account in the database.

    As for the script, everything is dynamic. None of the paths are static.

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