Godaddy Wilcard SSL install help needed

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by Turbanator, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Perfect Wheezy setup Apache2, ispc Multi server with server 1=dns, mysql, web and server 2 = webmail, mail server
    I have a wildcard ssl cert from godaddy that I'm trying to apply using ISPC to
    server 1 : *
    Here's where I get stuck
    server 1 has:
    website: IPv4 Address = *, Auto-subdomain = www.
    website: IPv4 Address = *, Auto-subdomain= none
    server 2 has:
    website: IPv4 Address = *, Auto-subdomain = none

    1. If I'm currently setup as * in IPv4, will it break anything to assign the external address now? (btw, this is in a Nat'ted environment)
    2. Are the other "webX" domains considered separate websites where I need more external IP's even though they are part of the main domain?
    3. How do I make the wildcard apply to the other webX websites which are part of the same *

    Sorry if that wasn't clear.
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  2. Turbanator

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    I think I got it working. With newer servers and browsers, SNI can be/is used so I can keep * as my IPv4 addresses and share that SSL cert will all * domains without having multiple ip addressses. And to apply the cert to the other webX domains, I just need to copy/paste the cert text within ISPC and save. No Generate needed.

    I'm not seeing any errors so I assume this is good. Next I'll try to add the cert to the server 2 and to emails and report back.

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