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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by 0p3r4, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. 0p3r4

    0p3r4 New Member

    Hello again, I wonder if there is some sort of guide anywhere for setting up new users... Like if i where to create user "blablabla", what steps do i need to take in order to give that user a blablabla.myhost.mydomain adress ?

    If this is stated in any of the guides i would be really glad if someone could tell me where to start looking, thanks a million!

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    I dont think that tehere are step by step instructions, but its really simple:

    1) Login ti ISPConfig.
    2) Create a new reseller or if you dont want to use resellers, skip this step and use the admin as reseller in the next step.
    3) Create a client.
    3) Create a website for the domain.

    The Icons to create resellers, clients and websites are all in the upper menu.
  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    In addition to Till's post: after you've created the web site in ISPConfig, go to the "User & Email" tab. You can create new users (email and FTP) there.
  4. hairydog2

    hairydog2 New Member

    We have all the clients under one reseller account to make it easier to see stats all in one place.

    We set it up so that there is a folder for each user, and in this folder is the user's account and all the websites for that user. A little more trouble to set up, but easier afterwards.
  5. 0p3r4

    0p3r4 New Member

    Thanks for your replies :), i've done what you said earlier but i still cant go to my new site by entering the adress that i've given it. I use a dynamic dns pointing to the servers ip-adress that gives me an adress like so:

    My newly created site is given the hostname "www" and the domain "". Wouldnt that give the site an adress like ""? I'm pretty confident the problem is me lacking the knowledge and not a bug or something, so would someone please tell what might be doing wrong?

    Thanks :)
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Do you have an entry on the Co-Domains tab with an empty hostname and as domain? If not, add it!
  7. 0p3r4

    0p3r4 New Member

    Yes i have... cant figure out whats wrong :/

    Edit: The site shows up if i only type "" as the URL... while the browser says "" cannot be found...
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  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Nothing's wrong. You only registered, not, therefore doesn't exist in DNS and therefore can't be found.
  9. 0p3r4

    0p3r4 New Member

    Do i have to register a second dynamic dns at (the one im using), or can i set this internally with the dns-options in ISP-config?
  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    You'd have to do this at
  11. 0p3r4

    0p3r4 New Member

    okey... well if i where to buy my own domain, lets say, would that make it possible for me to create internally?

    I guess this is a stupid question, but the dns part of it all is where im really struggling :)
  12. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

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