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    I just wanted to give a quick tutorial on how to rebrand your ISPConfig control panel, I will say I do support the team here and this isn't a "must do" I just like the professionalism of having custom branding.
    Im using a text based logo for my site but any image will work as long as you're within I think 225 x 60 dimensions.
    Prepare Your Base64-Encoded Logo
    You should have your logo image encoded in base64 format I used for this step, drop you image and copy and save the code for later
    Access the Database
    Your going to want to get into you database associated with ISPConfig install via
    mysql -u db_user -p db_name
    followed by the password for this, if youre unsure of these details they are located in your file at
    And should look little like this
    //** Database
    $conf['db_type'] = 'mysql';
    $conf['db_host'] = 'HOST';
    $conf['db_port'] = 'PORT';
    $conf['db_database'] = 'DB_NAME';
    $conf['db_user'] = 'DB_USER';
    $conf['db_password'] = 'DB_PASSWORD';
    Insert Encoded Logo
    Once you've successfully logged into you mySQL database associated with you ispconfig install you'll want to run
    UPDATE sys_ini SET custom_logo = 'ENCODED_LOGO_HERE';
    after updating exit mySQL.
    Clear cache and restart Nginx or Apache and you should be set.

    Im not sure if tutorials are allowed here but I know I had trouble with this for the longest time and there weren't a lot of google results so if this can help someone then thats great.
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