Had single server, trying to add new server to cluster

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Taleman, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Taleman

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    Existing server: (Debian Squeeze/Sid) ISPConfig This was not a cluster setup, all services were in this one host.
    New server I am trying to add to cluster (Debian Squeeze/Sid) ISPConfig I am going to make it a www-server.
    I followed perferct server setup for Wheezy, and then multiserver setup for Squeeze. I got as far as running the ISPConfig installation script in the new server. But it fails
    MySQL master server database name [dbispconfig]:
    ERROR: Stopped: Database already contains some tables.​
    Ispconfig uninstall.php does nothing, since seems nothing is installed. PHPMyadmin does not show ispconfig database on the new host. It does show databases information_schema, mysql, performance_schema and phpmyadmin.
    The existing host does have the ISPConfig database and other databases.
    I did notice I needed to allow remote access to the MYSQL running on the old host. That seems to work and ISPConfig installation script no longer stops with
    I am at a loss to figure out how to proceed from here.
  2. till

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    During installation in expert mode, ensure that you enter "localhost" as mysql server name when you get asked for it the first time, do not enter the hostname of the master here. The installer will query for the hostname of the master at a later stage of the install.

    Take a look at the multiserver guides. you have to add an additional root user on the master for the connection of the slave thata llows connection from hostname and Ip of the slave.
  3. Taleman

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    That was the problem. Silly me, the installer offered localhost as default, should have realised I should not write the master server there. Now "Adding ISPConfig server record to database." worked without further changes.
    Now to creating a website on this new www host.
    Thanks for answering so late in the evening.

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