Have to restore a mail only server and need to make sure I get everything right

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by webguyz, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. webguyz

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    Have a multiserver setup with dedicated mail servers. One of my vm mail servers is having a problem and I need to restore an image that is about a month old and restore recent files from our nightly backup R1soft backup system

    I think ISPConfig uses MySQL for the user info so all I should have to do is restore the /var/vmail folder and the MySQL db. Is it that simple or am I missing something. In Tools I see a Resync Mailboxes, does this just re-create the mailboxes. Should I run this before I attempt to restore?

    Would appreciate any help with someone who has run into this before. I am still limping along on the old server but if that server shuts down or the server hangs up I will lose it forever. Not an ISPConfig problem but rather a vm problem with xenserver but its affecting my ISPconfig network.
  2. till

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    Thats should be all.

    There should be no need to run the resync function in this case, just restore latest mysql db and /var/vmail.
  3. webguyz

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    Was successful. Thanks!

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