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Discussion in 'Plugins/Modules/Addons' started by efburgos, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. efburgos

    efburgos New Member

    Hi, i search any tutorial for install rainloop on ispconfig whit nginx, but no information for this, any plz helpme

    Thanks for all
  2. Ilko

    Ilko New Member

    it is very easy to install the Rainloop, just follow the instructions from the vendor and install it at a website/url on your server where you want to have it. You can install it simlar, like a CMS (WordPress for example) on a website/sub-domain you have created under ISPconfig3, just download the files from the vendor and place them on the directory of the website/sub-domain you have chosen and created via ISPconfig. Navigate to the page specified by the installation instructions of Rainloop and follow the instructions for installation (you will need a database/database user as well), thats all. I have installed it mutiply times.

    However, what I do not like about Rainloop is, that you must have each domain name you want to access login with in its configuration so it is not suitable for mutiple domains/users as you will need to manually add each of the users domains on your server in the Rainloop's configuration so they are allowed to login with their email accounts in it. This is the reason why I use Afterlogic Webmail instead. You can find it here:
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  3. efburgos

    efburgos New Member

    Thanks for all

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