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    I have another strange thing. Lost email I'm afraid.
    Normally dovecot uses a folder frame like based on the perfect server centos nginx dovecot
    In outlook and the installed roundcube, I was able to create folder on toplevel instead of sublevel.
    I was cleaning up all my email, creating folders and all and it all went just fine. Folder also showed up on my mobile imap mailclient.
    Yesterday, I cloned the whole install to another server and needed to update hostname in outlook.
    All the created folder on toplevel, are gone!! including the emails.
    I suspect because of a restart of dovecot/imap because of the source server the folders are gone as well.
    I have been searching the server over and over again but it's no where to find.
    Can somebody please point me to the correct direction? There was a lot om important email and as the "old" server was my backup, I dont have another backup.
    Please see the printscreens below ti notice the difference between clients. Outlook 2013, roundcube and filebrowser show different info. Also the amount of counted emails is different.
    Filebrowser Winscp

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    I did a lot of reading of the web and found the possible reason. Outlook 2013 seems to h ave issues with IMAP and might be the quilty one here.
    Knowing that does not solve my problem but maybe you know what I can do. The mails are deleted form vmail folder but is there a way to see which mails are deleted? couldn't find any log holding any delete report.
    Even better, is there a way to recover mails that are deleted?
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    I'am not aware of a log for files that get deleted by imap. If you dont have a backup of the /var/vmail folder then I fear that the mail is lost.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm a afraid I am. Trying to run a scalpel as we speak. Not sure if this will do anything but can at least try

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