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    use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);
    use CGI;
    $query = new CGI;
    print $query->header;
    print $query->start_html(-title=>'Password demo');
    print "<FONT FACE = 'arial' SIZE = '2'>";
    print "<FORM ACTION = '/cgi-bin/pindemo2' METHOD = 'post' > ";
    print "<BR>Welcome! To begin the session, please enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and password. </B><BR><BR>";
    print "<TABLE>
    <TD><FONT FACE = 'arial' SIZE = '2'> PIN</TD>
    <TD> <INPUT TYPE='textbox' NAME='pin' SIZE='25' MAXLENGTH='30'></TD>
    <TD><FONT FACE = 'arial' SIZE = '2'> Password </TD>
    <TD> <INPUT TYPE='password' NAME='password' SIZE='25' MAXLENGTH='30'></TD>
    print "<INPUT TYPE='submit' VALUE='Submit'>";
    print "</FORM>";
    print $query->end_html;
    This is code that i got from a tuitorial in a book. It works on the website that gose along with the book but when i try to run it from my webserver (PQD Networks) i get a 500 internal service error. I did have to change the first line of the code to point to the PERL directory.

    You can view the file on my server at

    you can view the working version at:

    :( Thanks in advanced.:)
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    You must make sure that you saved the script with Unix linebreaks, not Windows linebreaks. Then you must make the script executable:
    chmod 755 /path/to/
    And if you're using suExec, then the owner and group of the script must match the suExec user and group.

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