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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Addicted, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Basically i have a dedicated server

    but to match RDNS AND HELO record i have to contact my webhosting company to update RDNS records for my Ip

    Like current incorrect record for one IP is :


    there is mismatch between RDNS AND HELO as per current record

    As i dont have access to their server and i have to ask them to change the rdns to

    But my concern is that they are not co-operating me and at all

    So i went ahead and changed my HELO to

    this solves my RDNS / HELO mismatch

    but now in email tester i got one new error

    Error is :

    We didn't find a mail server (A Record) behind your hostname

    We check if there is a mail server (A Record) behind your hostname
    You may want to publish a DNS record (A type) for the hostname or use a different hostname in your mail software.

    I went ahead and added a forward zone for to IP address but now system is ignoring this and i am getting this error

    Modifying Zone

    /tmp/ ignoring out-of-zone data ( /tmp/ ignoring out-of-zone data ( /tmp/ ignoring out-of-zone data ( /tmp/ ignoring out-of-zone data ( /tmp/ ignoring out-of-zone data ( zone loaded serial 2016021102 OK
    Bind reloading on 162-214-23-131 using rndc zone: []

    Reconfiguring Mail Routing:
    LOCAL MAIL EXCHANGER: This server will serve as a primary mail exchanger for's mail.: This configuration has been manually selected.

    I want to know what is workaround for my issue if any exists if my hosting provider is not supporting me at all

    2nd thing how ti fix this error ignoring out-of-zone data
  2. Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Did you test your mail setup by just sending mail from your host? Or did you just an actual configured domain with authentication like from [email protected] where has corresponding MX record set to your hostname and SPF and such configured?
    You probably won't be able to send mail with your hostnames domain I'm afraid.
    If you can't change RDNS consider an other hosting company, if possible - that's what I would defnitly do - setting RDNS is a very basic task which should be available at any good company - at least per request.

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