Help to create: the-perfect-spamsnake-ubuntu-8.04 and RoundCube

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by MAO, May 15, 2008.

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    This howto is a mail relay and does not store the actual user accounts. Webmail access will not work because the mails are not stored on the server. They are relayed to another smpt MTA.

    Remove roundcube and undo any changes you made. That should bring you back to where you were.

  3. MAO

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    virtual-users-domains-postfix-courier-mysql-ubuntu8.04 but with RoundCube!!!

    Help me !!!
  4. falko

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    Did you try what Rocky suggested?
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    I think what he wants is a how-to based on virtual-users-domains-postfix-courier-mysql-ubuntu8.04 but with RoundCube rather than SquirrelMail.

    At least that is what his last post indicates.

    I will have to admit, I would like to see this one as well as I have been wanting to use RoundCube. :D

  6. MAO

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    Thank you for your explanation! :)

    I have reviewed all possible forums, but neither as I can not understand how to do it!
    Help plz
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