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    Hi. I cant decid how I should do. I will install Ubuntu 14.04.3 on my laptop.
    The laptop has 2 drives: SSD 60gb and HDD 160gb. 8gb RAM

    I think if I should partition like this:
    / - 25gb
    /home - 30gb
    (leave 5gb unallcolated, maybe best for ssd)

    ?? - 150gb (should be for storage, but what should I set moutningpoint?)
    swap - 10gb (maybe its best to have little swap).

    The HDD drive its in a "bay" which can be removed and insert a cd/dvd instead. Will it be really bad to have swap at this disk if I moved that disk out?

    Do you have any good idea how too do this best?

    I think I will install Ubuntu, I really liked Ubuntu in the old times like 10.04, but have later used Win7 for many years.
    Its some things I dont like with Ubuntu, Like Amazon, and the privacy is not what it should be from the begining. Unity is beautiful, but is it too easy?
    I have thinking if I should install Debian stable or testing instead, but as this will be at my laptop I really like to have full feautures like flash, wine, mp3, codec and everything else.

    I'm newbie in Linux, but I cant little about it, I run a vps with Debian, and with guides around the world I handle it really good :)

  2. Hello

    Yes, You can create following partition on your server but with this I will suggest you create /boot with 1GB

    And your 160GB HDD, Mount that on /home2 directory so that you can create your other user on /home2

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