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  1. Chriz!

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    i'm running ISPConfig on a hetzner-rootserver.
    since everything is working fine, I also have a question about BIND & DNS Setup.
    Since I've got the Domain-Robot at Hetzner, I make my Nameserver-Entries there. What is now the correct Setup in ISP-Config?

    I'm running the following:

    Default Ns1: ns1.first-ns.de
    Default Ns2: robotns2.second-ns.de

    When I need
    www.example.net & example.net
    I make two co-domains (one with and one without www)

    Since I've got a seperate MailServer my Mail-Config is set to external.

    Do I need BIND? Can I turn it off or should I setup my Domains with checked DNS-Entries?

    Hope it was understandable ;)
    Thx in advance

    SORRY! wrong category.......... should read before posting *cough*
    please move it to the ISPConfig Installation ;)
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  2. falko

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    You don't need BIND, you can switch it off. In this case it doesn't matter what you enter as Default NS1 and NS2 in ISPConfig.

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