Hetzner to stop support for High-Availability Setups

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by falko, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. till

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    Is this really a technical issue? Just a guess: If a customer runs a HA setup, the server will most likely have very much traffic. As all traffic is included in the price of the current servers, hetzner just might not want these high traffic customers or any new customers with high traffic anymore as the bandwith they consume are for sure above there mean price calculation...
  2. toodles

    toodles New Member

    Hi chris,

    No feedback yet. Virtual mac-addresses can be made work (ask Hetzner to give you one), although it's not terribly nice. From what I understood, it works something like this.

    server1 - macAddress1 - ipAddress1
    server2 - macAddress2 - ipAddress2

    virtualMacAddress3 - ipAddress3

    You can now give either server1 or server2 the virtualMacAddress3 along with ipAddress3, but while it has this mac and ip address, it cannot have the original mac and therefor the original ip address. This means that your server will not ever have an ip address under which it is always available. You'll always have to try between ipAddress1 and ipAddress3 for server1 and for the second server it will always be either ipAddress2 or ipAddress3. It will make everything a lot more complicated.

    Don't try and add "fake" mac addresses on your own. The switches remember your mac address and will not give out any IP address to a different mac address. This will mean that once the mac address is changed, you will no longer be able to connect to their network until your original mac address is restored. Your nic will "remember" the mac address, so even a reboot won't restore it, and because your machine will be disconnected from the network, an automated remote reboot will not work either. They will have to switch off your server for 10 minutes or change the mac address back manually.

    Don't take my word for the above, this is only to the best of my knowledge. I wish I had better news.

  3. toodles

    toodles New Member

    I agree, this is a very plausible explanation. After all, taking a look at the pricing:

    DS3000 = 1000GB/Month = €49 = €0.049/GB

    Everything that goes over the 1000GB/Month costs €0.09/GB, almost twice as expensive. Therefor it's cheaper to use a high-availability(HA) solution in terms of traffic, if you're using a lot of traffic. Of course, there's other ways to do this, but HA is of course nice to have... I mean, it IS highly available! :p

  4. cgick

    cgick New Member

    Hetzner Kundeninformation

    Die Mail weiter unten kam gerade rein - es wird ernst!

    Ich werde heute mal mit Herrn Fritzsche (Chef de Netz) telefonieren um nach alternativen Möglichkeiten zu fragen. Herr Pirner, der uns vor knapp 9 Monaten zugesichert hat dass unser Heartbeat-Setup bei Hetzner läuft meinte er wäre der richtige Ansprechpartner.

    Unter Umständen würde Hetzner auch ein eigenes Netzsegment für uns Heartbeatler aufbauen, ich schlug vor die ca. 150 Kunden an den Kosten zu beteiligen. Immer noch besser, als der Zeit-/Kostenaufwand zu einem anderen Provider umzuziehen der Heartbeat anbietet. Und so einen wie Hetzner muss man auch erst mal wieder finden...

  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    We've got the same message today. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
    Can you PM me the phone number of Mr Fritzsche?
  6. cgick

    cgick New Member

    I just called RZ6 and asked for him. If he's is not in place ask for a callback, he will do so... Hope we get this to a happy ending!
  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    I've just tried to call him, but he wasn't there anymore. Will try again tomorrow.
    Did you speak with him already? Any news?
  8. langerdan

    langerdan New Member

    Just want to add that I would also be willing to support a solution for HA at Hetzner. I got same email today and will lose my failover setup if I cannot get a solution.

    I'm happy Hetzner customer of more than two years and would rather stay with them if they can find a solution, rather than migrate away.
  9. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    I've just talked to Mr Fritzsche, and he said that everyone with a HA setup should write an email to [email protected] ; they'll collect the emails, and if there are enough of them, they will provide an alternative solution for us.

    I've just sent my email, now it's everybody else's turn. PLEASE, write them an email and don't give up!
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  10. langerdan

    langerdan New Member

    I've sent my email
  11. cgick

    cgick New Member

    Bad news - Hetzner will not provide an alternative to the new routing concept, because only about 20 customers use this technique. Our heartbeat-setups will definately not work in 2009 any more!

    Did anyone already find other providers that allow failover with heartbeat?
    Up to now I only found Netbuild: http://www.netbuild.net
  12. Ben

    Ben Active Member Moderator

  13. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Same here. :( I've sent Mr Fritzsche a few mails, but they really have no alternative in place, not even a web interface/API to allocate the IP addresses... (with an API it would have been possible to write a script to move the "virtual" IP address from one load balancer to the other).
  14. langerdan

    langerdan New Member

    www.leaseweb.com (NL) have told me they will support failover if you order two servers in the one rack.

    Anyone here had experience with leaseweb?
  15. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    I don't know that company, so I can't tell much about it... :(
    I wonder if we can have virtual IPs if we rent a rack at Hetzner. Does anyone know?
  16. langerdan

    langerdan New Member

    Any more information about setting up with a rack in Hetzner? I'm ready to order servers with leaseweb and move from Hetzner if there's no solution here.
  17. langerdan

    langerdan New Member

    Adding final note here. I'm moving to i3d.net in NL

    They have good prices, support HA, have second NICs in the servers for VLAN.
    They were knowledgeable in pre-sales questions, and quick with support queries once I got the servers.

    I decided against leasweb since they were slow to respond to pre-sales technical questions. Also, I didn't like their SLA which was non-existent unless you purchase add-on SLA.
  18. dreas

    dreas New Member

    I was wondering, will LVS tunneling also not work with Hetzner?
  19. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    HowtoForge has just been offline for one hour because Hetzner did the switch although they told us that we have time to change our configuration until December 31... :mad::mad::mad:
  20. dreas

    dreas New Member

    Not sure if it's interesting but HAProxy seems to work fine as a HTTP loadbalancer with Hetzner.

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