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  1. I am looking for information whether i can use ISPCONFIG both with Cpanel at the same time . Like i can Use Cpanel for from end while ispconfig handle the server infrastructure. Or how about WHMCS with isoconfig 3 . Thanks in advance for your kind response.
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    Why would you want to do that? You're looking for trouble. You're better off using Webmin & IspConfig3 or Webmin and other panels.
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    This combination makes no sense and will not work as cpanel and ispconfig are both server control panels that configure the same software.

    Thats ok as whmcs is not a server control panel, it is just a billing tool with frontend website. there is a free ispconfig whmcs plugin available here in the forum to connect ispconfig and whmcs.
  4. Thanks Till for the input i am sure i'll look at that combination. The idea is that my boss require me to develop a professional look frontend hosting solution. He push me to use Cpanel co's of it's professionally look at front end but i stick with ISPCONFIG 3 for one Reason, That is The Cluster Setup is work like charm and easily setup with most of the Cluster details is automatically sync between the Control Panel and the Clients. Where as contrast to Cpanel i have to manually do all these task ... Anyway thanks for the inut ...appreciate it ....
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    ISPConfig is completely themable, so if your boss does not like how the old ispconfig looks, then show him the new ispconfig 3.1 and if he does not like that as well, then you can still write a new theme by just adjusting a few templates and css files, there is no need to write a new frontend to get a completely different look in ispconfig.
  6. Is this ISPCONFIG 3.1 i can upgrade to now so i can have a look as well
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    There is no need of doing this.

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