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    I have used "The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 14.04 (Apache2, PHP, MySQL, PureFTPD, BIND, Dovecot, ISPConfig 3)".

    Im new and i probally have a stupid question but i need help to sort it out. In the tutorial you use the hostname with the IP address and the gateway . IP have other and no problem to convert but i am not so good whit hostname and dns.

    I have a domain lets say and my networkprovider dont support static ip so i need to have dynamic ip and i use loopia to help me update dns when i get a new ip for homenetwork. And just so i think correct, then server1 is the name i use for the server and is in my case above ?

    what more do i need to think of when i have that kind of homenetwork to configure ISPConfig? I am very unsure of how to proceed whit configuration on loopia so that my domain name will link to my homepage and webmail on my homeserver.

    I have another question aswell, what version of ubuntu should i go whit? stick whit 14.04 or install a newer or older one?

    Im nut sure if i am in the correct place to ask this kind of question?

  2. Nibur

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    I figured it out. I know have a server installation up and running whit ubuntu 15.10. Only thing is that i have black screen on the monitor to server. But i can connect whit ssh and configure it whitout any problem. I have the domain pointing to my server aswell.

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