how can i add users by shell?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by calcetinconrombosman, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. I'm really really needing a way to add new users through command line...please point me in the right direction to not screw ispconfig2 in the task.
  2. Ben

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    What do you mean by adding new users thorugh command line - of which kind of users are you talking about?
    Normal linux users? Than you should be able to add them with "useradd" (
  3. i can't login to ispconfig2 control panel..

    i mean, add users to a specific site hosted on the server, to let them use the mailserver and squirrelmail, which are still functional despite that ispconfig2 can't be accessed after some bot-hacking intrussion....i'm configuring a new server to shut down the hacked one, but in the mean time it's urgent to add some users to it that can use the mailserver, that's the idea.
  4. Ben

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    Well to be honest I do not reall know ;)

    But I'd guess, adding the user on the commandline your own, setting it up to the group of the web you want to have the user into. I'd assume that maildir stuff will be created automatically but I am not sure about that.

    So if the "hacked" Wbeinterface is broken, how about trying to install an update of ispconfig with the hope of having an working CP again for the time till you are able to switch to the unhacker server?
  5. till

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    You can not simply add users on the shell without ispconfig as every mal account has alot of procmail recipes etc. and postfix files have been changed too for every new mail user.

    Which is the exact problem that you have with your ispconfig setup?
  6. I've posted the exact problem on Ispconfig2->General

    I need to add some users in the mean time, until i get the new server running ok.

    I've completed a new setup of ispconfig over debian lenny 5.0.3 and i'm trying to move the users from the old machine to the new one, but also to a new domain in the new that possible? or if i move ispconfig2 from one server to another i have to keep the server name, domain, and everything?

    Thanks in advance.

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