How does ISPConfig relates with container technologies ?

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by Keoz, Feb 23, 2021.

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    How does ISPConfig relates with container technologies (friendship, conflict…) ?
    Does ISPConfig development roadmap integrates or excludes container technologies ?
    What are ISPConfig developer’s opinion upon container technologies ?

    Container technologies offers are growing, and the number of app developers using and recommending it too !
    Your replies may ease my choice (and other ISPConfig users future choices…) that up comes in this other thread :

  2. till

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    That's actually a non-issue, as ispconfig and containers do not interfere nor do they have to interact with each other.

    Btw., this has been discussed in several threads search the forum e.g. for the topic docker. Containers are nice for development, but they are not made for hosting enviroments where you run hundreds of websites on a system, they would use way to much resources and also you can't really run a hosting environment inside a container due to the lack of quota. But as I mentioned above, containers and ISPConfig work on a completely different level, so they neither interact nor interfere with each other nor does it matter what the ISPConfig developers think about containers. So you can run containers on your system, just take care that you do not use ports or directories that are already in use, but that's not ispconfig specific, its the same when you run multiple containers without ISPConfig.
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    Thanks !
    Thanks !
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    I agree that Docker is certainly useful in some places, especially for testing software or smaller individual applications. I also found Docker at the beginning as the future for the web area, today I see it differently.

    I think it is still better to implement single Linux systems based on e.g. LXC containers. For the ISPConfig project it is hard to integrate new technologies, because many techniques are not so long on the market compared to Apache2 webservers or Mysql. OpenVz was supported in older versions, then the OpenVz project was discontinued. Therefore I see it more valuable to put energy into the actual core functions and continue to set a secure and clean running web hosting panel.
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    Thanks for such your argued reply.

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