How set DNS entry for different server?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by SupuS, Jun 12, 2006.

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    I have one production server (as primary DNS server) without ispconfig and one backup server (as secondary DNS server) .. I want switch to ispconfig system without interrupt my services .. so I installed ispconfig to backup server and changed IP's between primary and secondary server .. at the end I wanted to have backup server with ispconfig as primary DNS server and production server as secondary DNS server with users webs. I wanted to set new primary DNS server (under ispconfig direction) to show to server with users web and step by step move webs to new server but I am not able to set it because the new DNS always show only pages on itself not from server with webs.

    How I can set DNS entry for another IP? Host server IP is *.*.*.10 and server IP with webs is *.*.*.20

    Sorry for my english .. this problem is hard to describe for me even in my native language :)

    thanx for any idea
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    In the iSPConfig DNS-Manager you can setup SOA records for every valid IP. It does not matter if this IP is the IP of your server or on another server.

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