How to configure Apache, PHP and Eclipse

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    Years ago I managed to configure Apache Web Server, PHP and Eclipse to be do backend program development and debugging. More recently I have not been successful. Configuration of all three seem to have changed considerably. I would like to see a tutorial on this subject for Debian-based distros, ideally Linux Mint. Thanks.
  2. Hello, @Philip Gilmer
    Follow these steps to Configure Apache, PHP and Eclipse.
    Step 1 :- Go to the menu Window->Preferences->PHP->PHP Servers.
    Step 2 :-
    Click on New button and select an existing server configuration.
    Step 3 :- Enter the name of your server.
    Step 4 :- Enter the URL that points to its document root.
    Step 5 :- Click Next. The debugger settings page should appear.
    Step 6 :- If there is need, change the default debugger type and Connection Setting.
    Step 7 :- Click Next. The Server Path Mapping page should appear.
    Step 8 :- If you would like to map a path on your server to a local path, click Add and enter:
    • The path on your server.
    • The path you would like to map it to in your Workspace or on your File System.
    Step 9 :- Click on Finish button.
    I hope above information will be useful for you.
    Thank You.
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  3. Philip Gilmer

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    I assume these are Eclipse settings you are talking about? Thanks, I will try this out.

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