How to determine IP address of Apache

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by whacked, Aug 26, 2010.

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  2. Polk

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    By default most likely it will be your server IP and port 80
  3. whacked

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  4. whacked

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    only running apache from routerback to PC

    i am not access the internet at this time, like having a domain name
  5. whacked

    whacked New Member

    to be honest POLK

    I find the response totally useless, not sure why you would even bother to respond with such vague information. and yes of course we browser work on port 80, not that really needed in configuration but thanks for pointing that out
  6. whacked

    whacked New Member

    thinking it might be limitations of Router

    Using a ISP supplied Router/modem speedstream 6520
  7. Polk

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    take it easy a little and sorry I didn't understand your question. You can find out your External IP address by going to sites like this:

    If you want to know your internal IP address, you can check it here:
    /etc/network/interfaces (ubuntu, debian)

    hope this helps.
  8. whacked

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    yes Thans Polk

    sorry for being unkind , but the external ip whatmyip just redirects me to my router, and the 2 scripts you provided do not work, my fault for telling you i am using opensuse 11.3
    I have run apache successfully on windows, but having bad luck just even getting started on linux
  9. Polk

    Polk New Member

    Those are not scripts, but paths where to check with your favorite text editor (vi, nano)

    Also check here:

    you would go there by command:
    cd /etc/httpd/conf
    then type:
    this folder has the Apache settings.
  10. whacked

    whacked New Member

    really bad luck

    none of the last steps provided worked, i suppose to do this from terminal correct ?
  11. Polk

    Polk New Member

  12. whacked

    whacked New Member

    favorite text editor

    favorite text editor, hmm linux been on my computer for a week, think it be to soon to tell what my be my favorite text editor, think i made reference about being new to linux in earlier post
  13. Polk

    Polk New Member

    yes, you did. and I mentioned some or you to choose. my favorite is 'nano'

    PS: with this attitude you wont get far. we are just trying to help here.
  14. whacked

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    yes i am in a bad mood not over this, but a crown prosecutor that would give me flexibility for my testimony date on a trail that last a week long. I have know lost employment due to lack of concern by courts, so yes very moody right now and sorry promise not to rude anymore, i do recognize that you are help out greatly. considering my testimony was only for the drama affect of case since i was the one hurt by the criminal and witnessed nothing now i feel victimized by a non caring judicial system
  15. Polk

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    I definitely wish you luck in your personal life.

    You've come to the right site for the linux help. If you are still getting trouble with SuSE, please give me a little more details as to what you configured, where and what you are trying to do. I will do my best to help.
  16. Caliche

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    To find your server’s IP address, it needs root privilages.

    ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | awk '{ print $2 }'

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