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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by vmos, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Hello, we've got a bunch of servers running postfix for our mail system, the two we're interested in here are the smtp push server and the pop server. Now one of our clients has had problems with their server on site and in order to gett some mail to them I've filtered off some mail from the smtp push server and sent it to accounts I've created on the pop server.
    The customer can then bypass their mail server and access the mail through webmail or outlook or whatever, so far so good.
    Now at some point in the future (not too far away I think) they're going to want to switch back and we'll point the mail back to their server and it'll start flowing again, no problems anticipated there.
    The tricky bit is what to do with the mail that's currently sitting on the pop server, they'll want to access it from their usual accounts and for that the mail will need to be on their server. I could log in to each account and forward each message on, that would probably do the trick but It could get messy, especially as there's loads of mail.

    Is there a command or a script that I can use to flush mail out of a pop box and send it on it's way? If I can do that after removing the filter from our push server then it'll get to their server.

    any ideas?

    /edit I should clarify that although this is primarily a pop3 server, it also does imap and these particular accounts are actually imap
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    Thanks for that, it looks very promising. However, it's asking me to install a perl module called imapclient and I'm a little nervous about doing that in case it conflicts with postfix. Has anyone any experience with this module?
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    I don't think a Perl module will interfere with Postfix.

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