How to inject .js/.css into every page.

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    We are renting a few servers using ISPconfig. I have made a piece of JS which helps adding a new website. It remembers selected server/users etc through each step of add new website > new DB user > new DB > new FTP user. Right now I add it into the dashboard with a Google Chrome plugin, but I would like to add into the ISPconfig installation if possible. Any recommendations on how to do this?

    I need to include a .js + .css file into every page of the ispconfig dashboard/backend.

    greetings, Rudolf Leermakers
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    In general or in your installation only? You can suggest your changes in the GIT:
    If it is only for you, I would copy the theme and create a new one with your changes. This will survive updates then. Have a look at
    Search the forum for "theme", there are some helpful ressources
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