How to install a CentOS 7 minimal server troubles

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  1. Sixer

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    Hi there,

    i'm new to CentOS but want to give it a try i'm trying to setup a basic server as discribed in the 'How to install a CentOS 7 minimal server'

    al goes fine till i try to logon

    i can login with the administrator account i created
    but when i try to sudo and enter the root password it won't let me in
    when i try with normal admin password i get the message that the user is not on the sudoer list.

    so i reinstalled and put the marker at make this account an administator, then i can do Sudo..

    my question is is the instruction faulty by not mentioning to put the marker at make the user an admin ,, or am i doing something wrong ??

    i don't want to asume the instructions are faulty and then have a huge hole in my security by making the user an admin.

    greeting Sixer
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  2. till

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    and not


    to become root user. The sudo concept is normally used on Ubuntu only, other distributions have a root user and you use to to change from a unpriviliged user to root and not sudo. The concept to use su and not sudo is more secure as you can have a separate password for root instead of delegating the root account to a non root user with sudo that does not require an additional authentication.
  3. Sixer

    Sixer New Member

    Right , my mistake and yes i've been using ubuntu but want to try CentOS for a change.

    Thanks for the info ,D

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