How to make FC7 bootable cd

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    Hi All
    I want to make FC7 bootable CD ? how to do that ? I tried a lot and all was in vane. This is what i did :-

    I downloaded the iso image from this link

    from this site i i got Fedora-7-Live-i686.iso image

    then i extracted the same.. Then i got a folder by name Fedora-7-Live-i686 with contents namely ISOLINUX and SYSROOT (both are folders ). and one file by name squashfs.img.

    The contetnts of the ISOLINUX folder is as follows :

    1) boot (type of file is Security Catalog )
    2) initrd.img (type of file is img)
    3) isolinux (type of file is bin)
    4) isolinux (type of file is Microsoft Office Outlook Configuration File)
    5) splash (type of file is jpeg)
    6) vesamenu.c32 (type of file is c32)
    7) vmlinuz (type of file is File )

    The foolder SYSROOT is empty

    Then i burned the same to a cd as bootable cd.

    with this i tried to install FC7 on my machine.
    insted of going to the boot prompt after some messages it is goes to A:>

    what is happening with my installation ? or is the whole stuff i am doing wrong ?

    Looking forward to hear rom you

    Thanks and regards
    Nidhin Tomson
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