How to remove e-mail, DSN from ISPConfig3?

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    Hi All,

    I just installed ISPConfig3 on CentOS 5.4 and everything went nearly perfectly (vlogger site was down). Fantastic HOWTO! I've been working in it for about a day and have some questions as to usage.

    1. I don't host DNS, I use an outside DNS provider. How do I disable DNS in ISPConfig so that it never shows up as an option?

    2. I don't host e-mail accounts. How do I disable and remove references to e-mail in ISPConfig?

  2. till

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    In ISPConfig go to system > cp users > edit user, click on the user that you like to edit (e.g. admin) uncheck the dns and mail checkboxes in "Modules", then set the "Startmodule" to one of the modules that is still available, e.g. sites and click on save.
  3. gleduc

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    Thanks, Till, it's starting to come together for me.

    I'm sure you'll be seeing more posts from me!

  4. Manually or Automatically?

    Does this have to be done manually for every user? For example, if I have 25 new clients per day, do I have to do this 25 different times?

    How does ISPConfig know not to display the "Admin" and "Moniter" module for clients? Can the "Help" module be added to the list of what not to show clients automatically, too?
  5. till

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    You can set the default modules which are used for new clients in the file /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/
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