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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rajbps, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. rajbps

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    Hi Team,

    Have the latest ispconfig installed and running and have a new site created for a customer. They installed wordpress and now they are trying to import their old wordpress db on this one but cant find an option.
    If i login the server phpmyadmin, i cant see the dh thats linked to their site but can see it on the isp control panel.

    can anyone advise please?


  2. rajbps

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    sorted was doing something silly

    Does anyone know if a client itself can do a backup and restore of their db and edit their db please?

  3. till

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    Yes, clients can do that. The database backups are listed together with the web backups on the backup tab of the website.
  4. For future reference phpmyadmin has import functionality. I just moved my personal blog, here were the steps I took.

    Backed up the sql database
    Backed up the web files

    Created new site on ISPConfig3
    Created new FTP on ISPConfig3
    Created new DB on ISPConfig3

    Uploaded files to FTP
    Logged into DB via phpmyadmin, clicked import and selected my database(Be sure to click into the database before importing)
    Changed the config file to change the DB to the new DB details.

    It was as simple as that, I hope it helps.
  5. rajbps

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    Can the customer login to phpmyadmin and just see their databases?
  6. When I did it, I logged in with the newly created DB user I created. So I am going with yes.
  7. rajbps

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    yep i can confirm.
    Sorry never tried that just use the username and password to the db for the user on the login prompt of phpmyadmin.

    Cheers for that


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