How to update Roundcube?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by inflac, Apr 1, 2023.

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    I installed Roundcube together with ISPConfig. I used the "Automated ISPConfig3 Installation" Guide in combination with debian11. Now I saw that the installed Roundcube version is 1.4.X. I just noticed because I tried to use the enigma plugin, which fails because some necessary files are missing.
    However. I tried to update Roundcube manually by downloading the newest version. Then I used bin/ <location>. This way failed because I was missing composer and all that stuff. I installed everything needed, but then there was an error with the database. Something like: "Access denied for user 'roundcube@localhost' (using password: NO)". I read somebody else also faced this problem. He found out his installation was missing some files, so I thought maybe I can update my current version to the same, so that I get the missing files to proceed. This also failed because now I was missing something else.

    Long story short, I tried a couple of ways to update my current version, but I wasn't able to. It would be great if somebody could link a tutorial/guide or tell me how to do it.

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    Roundcube will be installed from the repository then. So you can not update it beyond the current version. You can choose to purge it and install from source.
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    My understanding is Enigma plugin comes with Roundcube installation. Did the automatic install the plugins?
    apt policy roundcube roundcube-plugins roundcube-plugins-extra
    Does that host now have this file:
    What are those necessary files? How did you determine they are needed and missing?

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