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    Dear HowtoForge Users,

    this is the first post in our new HowtoForge announcement forum. Here we will inform you in future about updates of the website and HowtoForge related news.

    New Contribute page

    Fnally the HowtoForge contribute page, which was pending since our relaunch in january, is live now. It will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you as author when you like to publish your tutorials on Howtoforge! Authors will get a free 1 year subscription (worth 50 EUR) plus a monetary compensation of 15 - 50 USD (depends on the tutorial length) for each published tutorial. The details of the author program can be found here:

    Lightbox feature for Screenshots

    In the tutorial section we added a new lightbox feature, you can now see a larger version of the screenshots by clicking on the image.

    Improved Spamfilter

    The spam filter setup in the Forum has been improved, hopefully we will see less spam posts now.

    Best Regards

    Your HowtoForge Team
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