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    Sorry but i can not see where can i do a new post with thes theme.

    Now i will describe i've got a gateway with shorewall with nat and dnat.It's work great becouse i'v got some webpage etc...
    My configuration is modem adsl ---- Shorewall ---- server.
    Now , the problem is i need virutal ip in server and open ports for each vip's.
    With shorewall can not do it becouse i've do NAT.How can i do it now? Im studying with squid but the problem is SSL port and im not sure.
    I think if ineed to do bridge from my conection pppoe to eth1 but i thinks that is not possibel.

    My wan is PPP0 and my LAN is eth1.

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    If I understand you correctly, what you want to do is called port forwarding from your adsl router, this can be found under port forward or virtual servers depending on your router, to which you send all traffic sent to your external IP on port 443 to your servers internal ip address on port 443.
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    Well is ok , but i can do it for one private ip and not with another ip and these is the problem.
    In another words , i need a firewall but without nat and open port 443 for each Virtual ip.So how can i do it?



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