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    I added a wildcard certificate on ispconfig 3.1.13 (6 centos) and from all subsites (and even the other sites who have no certificate) are redirected in https to the main site !! Example : * is the wildcard certificate, are redirected to, and are redirected to
    In HTTP sites work normally.
    I added on the subdomains the certificate.

    How can I fix the problem ?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. till

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    What you describe is not related to ispconfig, this is the normal behavior of any apache or nginx web server and we answer this same question at least once a week, so please use the search function before asking the same thing again.

    Your problem is not related to the use of a wildcard subdomain, the problem is caused by hosting ssl and non-ssl sites on the same IP address. When apache does not find a matching vhost for an ssl request, then it will show the first site that it find with ssl enabled on the same ip.

    So what can you do:

    a) Enable ssl for all sites.
    b) use one IP for sites without ssl and another IP for sites with ssl.
    c) Create a website which is always first in alphabet, e.g. with domain 000default.tld' and enable ssl for that site and create a self signed ssl cert for it. This site will catch the requests for non ssl sites then. But the user will get an SSL error of course. So better use a or b.
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    Thank you very much for the information. I was able to run the sites in https.
    Sorry for the request, I did previous research but focusing on wildcard certificates
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