i86_64 assumption blows up install

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by notarysojac, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. notarysojac

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    Hi HowToForge Folks,

    The ISPconfig install gets to a point which appears to be very near the end of the install process and then the machine hard-crashes. It appears that there are i86_64 refs being made and my machine (Fedora Core 5 on an HP Pavilion a1132n) just crashes with a white screen.

    The 'standard' install route is chosen, we past creating the RSA docs and a big PHP section of activity, it all looks to be cleaning up and then BANG!

    Q: Is there something I am missing or is there some way to inform the installer not to make i86_64 calls? Or... do you think something ELSE may be happening?

    Thanks VERY much for whatever insight you may be able to provide!

  2. notarysojac

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    installer blows up - RESOLVED

    I dunno - I turned off JBOSS and some other services - and got thru to the point that it is now asking me for my MySQL info - of course the eventual complain is that '[email protected]' does not work... but at least the box is not crashing.

    I'll figure it out. Meanwhile - this looks to be a great group of people doing cool stuff. Glad I joined and subscribed to the services of HowToForge
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    If you get a conection error from mysql if you try to connect with root to the server localhost, please check with the command "netstat -tap" that mysql is listening on tcp sockets.
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  4. notarysojac

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    ISPconfig install...MySQL log-in, etc... RESOLVED

    Thanks for your note of assistance. I certainly appreciate the input. As it happens, there is a small detail missing in the HowToForge instructions for installation ISPconfig which is not a big deal - but I managed to trip on it.

    When MySQL is installed the default settings for that service are that the root user has NO password. When the ISPconfig installer requests a password, the entry has to be left blank else the attempt to log-in will fail. A short addition of a comment to this effect would be a useful addition to the otherwise INCREDIBLY EXCELLENT set of instructions.

    Perhaps another caveat to the ISPconfig installer documentation would be 'Stop the JBoss service - if you already have it installed and running in your system'. That was the cause of my machine crashing in the first place - the item which prompted this thread.

    Let me say that I am incredibly happy to have found HowToForge - the contributions to/by this group of very intelligent people are truly a huge time-saver and valuable resource.

    Best Regards,

  5. till

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    It is already part of every ISPConfig setup howto on howtoforge (the perfect setup series) to set the mysql password before ISPConfig is installed. So maybe you just missed the instructions.

    I've never heard about this problem before, so I guess its related to the setup of your server and not a general problem of ISPConfig when it is run on the same server then Jboss. But we can make a note to that the problem you described can occur when Jboss is installed.

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