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    i started to write an confixx-importer for ISPconfig but as plesk8 just showed up and finally has a working "migration manager" AND co-domains i took that as the easier path.

    but in case somebody else wants to go from confixx->ISPconfig or needs some exmaple code for perls SOAP::Lite and the XML remoting:

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    the code reads all customers and domains from the confixx mysql-DB and creates them in ISPconfig. resellers have to be created manually before with their "resX" logins for the customers to be attached correctly to them.

    two other resons why i stopped the ISP-config project:
    - the ISPconfig-XML-beta1 doesn't have codomains yet, so i would have to add them manually (which i also had to with plesk because it neither imported those correctly but i didn't knew that yet).
    - the email-structure in ISPconfig is built around system-accounts which are attached to a certain domain. would have given me some problems with forwards form several domains to one domain and external forwards which all need system users (and my customers have plenty of both in confixx). (there's a thread on this subject and suggested fixes somewhere).

    anyway, thanks to till & falko for their really great help and support to this point!


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