Importing text file into MySQL?

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  1. I have a text file here, that I would like to import into a MySQL database (it's for an result based one).
    The text file looks like this:
    Htno Subcode Subname Internal External credits
    112B1A0203 R22021 PULSE & DIGITAL CIRCUITS 15 26 4
    112B1A0203 R22022 POWER SYSTEMS-I 21 26 4
    112B1A0203 R22023 SWITCHING THEORY & LOGIC DESIGN 14 -1 0
    112B1A0203 R22024 ELECTRICAL MACHINES-II 10 22 0
    112B1A0203 R22026 CONTROL SYSTEMS 16 9 0
    112B1A0203 R22029 ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ANALYSIS-II 10 38 4
    112B1A0205 R22021 PULSE & DIGITAL CIRCUITS 6 34 4
    112B1A0205 R22023 SWITCHING THEORY & LOGIC DESIGN 3 15 0
    112B1A0205 R22024 ELECTRICAL MACHINES-II 6 46 4
    112B1A0205 R22029 ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT ANALYSIS-II 10 32 4
    The result is using an other database, but as test I have created an empty MySQL named "testdb".
    The testdb does not have any tables in it..

    Now how can I import this text file into an empty MySQL database?

    Any help appreciated!
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    Create a database table with columns that match the columns of your data file e.g. with phpmyadmin and then use e.g. mysqlimport to load the data into the database. The data file format might be a bit of a problem as it is not clear how the columns ares eparated as the "separator" whitespace is also contained in the subname values.
  3. thanks till

    i tried it but i canot upload into this data
    can u try once using following data

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