In multiserver setup can I use both Apache & Nginx Web Servers?

Discussion in 'General' started by OptimBro, Jun 23, 2019.

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    Last night, I purchased the manual, but I can't find the answer there.

    Here is my setup - mail panel (apache installed)
    mail-1.domain.tld - mail server
    db-1-domain.tld - db server
    web-1.domain.tld - web server 1 (apache)
    web-2.domain.tld - web server -2 (nginx)

    As you can see, main server has apache installed so can it configure web server 2, which has nginx as main server, without any issue? I'll not use as web server to create sites. I will use web-1.domain.tld and web-2.domain.tld to create sites there.

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    Thanks, Till :)

    You're awesome.
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    I'll try to write a post on multi server setup on debian 9, and will share here, after successful testing. This will be my first and small contribution for ISPConfig community.
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