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    Dear ISPConfig users from India,

    I am thinking of having a desi ispconfig users group for discussions and helping eachother in fixing issues we face.

    Anyone out there using it seriously for hosting purpose?
    I am using it for almost 9/10 years.

    Please contact me on [email protected] or 9653366306
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    It is very kind of you
    I may be using ISPConfig for roughly about 7 years.
    The community and particularly Till had been helping me throughout.
    I have around 4 hosting clients roughly.
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    Do you get any spam related issues? I want more information related to setting up SSL for SMTP/POP3
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    There are many hosters that use ISPConfig and some that I even know personally from working with them on their systems. Some of them even have large scale installations with several thousand servers, but don't expect them to be here in the forum. They do their business and when they need help, it's cheaper for them (as less time-consuming as time is money if you and your employees that might need help get paid for their working time) to contact business support and get help by email or remote login or they have all support resources inhouse anyways like own admins and even their own ISPConfig developer team that works on their own customized ISPConfig version. E.g. a few years ago I worked with a client who had an ISPConfig mail cluster consisting of 6 nodes with more than 15 thousand active mail accounts and the system at that time even used amavis and there were no scalability issues in sight. But as mentioned, you probably won't find any such business users actively posting here.

    Regarding SSL setup, I explained it in many posts and it is also explained in the perfect server guides to use the hostname of the system, as all large systems do, where the hostname is a subdomain of the company domain of the hoster. And regarding spam, since ISPConfig switched to rspamd which filters mails way better than amavis, there should not be any spam problems anymore.
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    can you please point me to a guide where rspamd is used. for centos
  6. till

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    We don't have a Rspamd guide for CentOS yet.

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