install to domainname or server1.domainname?

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  1. zaphod beeblebrox

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    Im a bit of a newb so I apologise in advance if my question is dumb.
    I have a domain, lets call it for simplicity.
    I followed the install guide here
    which went pretty well but I used, not I also set up my own nameservers with the global registry as and pointing towards the ip of my vps.

    Now I have completed the install I realise that I want to actually show a website in its own right.
    Should I reinstall ISPConfig3 to and add as a website from within ispconfig3? If so how should I set up my hostname ( or on the server and also the dns records (i.e. namerservers should be ns1 and
    What I am trying to get to is a typical shared hosting provider set up with as the shared web hosting provider website. will be the admin interface for the shared hosting provider.
    Appreciate any guidance here, and apologies again for my newb experience.
  2. till

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    There is no need to reinstall the server, just replace with in the following files:


    and restart the server. Afterwards, you can add as website in ISPConfig.
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  3. zaphod beeblebrox

    zaphod beeblebrox New Member

    Thanks very much. Worked like a treat.

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