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    How to Install Linux, I am currently using Windows 10, any suggestion.
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    enable WSL2 in windows and then install whatever version of linux you prefer from the windows store.
    that the easiest method if you just want to get used to it and keep any changes you make to the system, at least without going into creating full vm's in vmware workstation, parallels, virtualbox etc. or editing disk partitions and creating a dual boot system, or wiping windows and having only linux.
    or you could boot from a linux cd / usb stick and play around with a livecd system. gives you a chance to learn / play around without making changes to your existing system. you'll lose every change on reboots though.
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    Best way to learn Linux is by using it on a daily basis.
    What I did in the past is to run Linux as a VM on my Windows computers. I did go through the installation instructions step by step. Next I did install Linux on a spare computer (real hardware). I did set goals by defining what I wanted to be able to do with the computers. In the beginning I had to get used to Linux... but nowadays I run Linux on my laptops and have several Windows VM's.
    Although I don't really care which OS I have to use - I do prefer Linux and OpenBSD. For some reason I feel more secure running Linux and OpenBSD. Both are quite flexible - but to my opinion a Linux distribution is easy to install and setup.
    You can find a lot of beginner guides just by using a search engine like Google. You can find a lot of info on YouTube too.
    I think the best documented Linux distribution is Arch:
    Although I prefer to run Debian Linux - I did learn quite a lot from the Arch documentation.
    Best tip I can give you: never ever become a fanboy of some OS. Just look at what works best to achieve your goals. I just use any OS which works best. I just don't care about people boasting about Windows, Linux, OS X or whatever it may be. You just have to go with what you think works best. Cheers.

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