Integration ispconfig - roundcube 1.0 no more work ?

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    I have the same problem like you. Is strange because this is 3th server and second time when this problem occur. So, i have 2 server working fine. Same settings, no problem. On the second server this problem appeared but i says: the problem is me because i want to install roundcube 1.4 instead 1.3 like in tutorial.
    So I reinstalled entire server, step by step and everything was fine.
    Now the problem reappeared and I don't see any problem in apache log. I don't know where is the point to start debug. I don't want to reinstall entire server :)
    It was my mistake.
    In /opt/roundcube/plugins/ispconfig3_account/config/
    It was write http instead https.
    In my case https is correct mode.
    $rcmail_config['soap_url'] = 'https://myserver: port/remote/'

    $rcmail_config['identity_limit'] = false;
    $rcmail_config['remote_soap_user'] = 'remote user';
    $rcmail_config['remote_soap_pass'] = 'remote user password';
    $rcmail_config['soap_url'] = 'https://myserver : port/remote/';

    Thank You Till for your tutorials!
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    I have a problem with roundcube_0.7.2-9+deb7u8 and ispconfig 3.1.6. My sistem is Debian GNU/Linux 7.11 (wheezy) with Apache/2.2.22 (Debian), PHP 5.4.45-0+deb7u10 , postfix 2.9.6, dovecot 2.1.7, IspConfig 3.1.6.
    I installed and reinstall roundcube_0.7.2-9+deb7u8_all.deb from the tutorial ( and I can't solve it.
    I'm going to log in myhost/webmail/ with my user and password and it works, but, when I access the settings (myhost/webmail/?_task=settings) menu in webmail I get ERROR 500.
    from logs single error is:
    [30-Aug-2017 10:07:33 Europe/Bucharest] PHP Fatal error: Class 'rcube' not found in /var/lib/roundcube/plugins/ispconfig3_account/ispconfig3_account.php on line 12
    What can i do to resolve this issue o_O ?
    Please Help.
    Thank you !
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    Is Your question about ? If yes, the latest version of that does not work with the roundcube in Debian Wheezy. I got the plugin working by guessing which version still worked with Wheezy roundcube and installing that.

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