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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Dan Mip, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Hi guys, hoping somebody out there can help me! I've set up a ubuntu 6.06 box and successfully gott everything running sweetly on it, my problem seems simple but I can't figure it out after 48hours of reading every advanced tutorial I can find!

    I have 2 network cards, we can ignore eth0 as thats for local traffic, eth1 however is set up with 20+ip's address over a couple of subnet's, they are all configured properly and xx.xxx.xx.2 is my primary address, the rest being secondaries. Now for OUTGOING traffic what I need to do is have each request going out through a different ip address. I've read the full advanced iproute2 guides everywhere and thought the answer was "nexthop" - however no luck (since it's always eth1 - and all traffic goes through xx.xxx.xx.1 (however shows up on the remote server as xx.2). Also cache's can't come into play.. I need it set up so that:

    request 1 to foo.bar goes out through xx.xxx.xx.12
    request 2 to foo.bar goes out through xx.xxx.xx.38
    request 3 to bar.com goes out through xx.xxx.xx.9
    request 4 to foo.bar goes out through xx.xxx.xx.21
    etc and so on...

    does anybody anywhere have any ideas or even pointers? networking guru's please!

    Many Regards in advance


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